Gauri Khan said a big thing about Muslim religion, “I am of Shahrukh’s religion

Gauri Khan said a big thing about Muslim religion: In the years before he entered the film industry, Shah Rukh Khan was in love with Gauri and married her. Punjabi culture is a part of Gauri Khan’s legacy.

It was a difficult marriage due to such circumstances, but love eventually prevailed. This couple has ruled the hearts of people for so many years.

I forgot to mention that Gauri Khan is also very busy these days.

Gauri Khan said a big thing about Muslim religion

Gauri Khan’s family was concerned that Shah Rukh would not convert their daughter to Islam after marrying Shah Rukh Khan. It was something that Shah Rukh joked about.

When you got married, he told you that you are no longer Gauri, you are Ayesha and you will have to wear a burqa all the time. When they were shocked, Shahrukh told the family about this prank.

People wonder what religion Shahrukh Khan follows in his house, but he didn’t put any pressure on Gauri. Gauri had said in an interview that Shahrukh does not have parents.

If he was with us then we would learn many things and if he was old then the elders of the house would take care of the house. Due to his absence, I have to manage everything myself.

Due to this my children are more influenced by Hindutva.