Hyundai recently launched its new electric SUV Ioniq 5 in the Indian market, inspired by the Hyundai Pony…

Launched its new electric SUV Ionic 5 in the Indian market- Hyundai has recently launched its new electric SUV Ionic 5 in the Indian market. This electric SUV is offered in one variant at an ex-showroom price of up to Rs. 45 lakh.

The biggest thing about this SUV is that both the future as well as the royal look are being seen in it. Its power and design is also an electric SUV of its segment.

To know more about this electric SUV, its test drive was done. Range, features and performance were seen well during the test drive.

In our today’s information, we are telling you in detail about the first test drive. The inspiration of this vehicle has been taken from Hyundai Pony. Want to tell that Hyundai Pony is one of the popular car of 1970-80s.

electric SUV Ionic 5

While designing, Hyundai has kept this vehicle separate from Pony, that is, the difference between the two has been maintained.

That is why this car is looking retro in terms of design. The Ionic 5 was first introduced in 2019 at the Frankfurt Automobile Show in Germany. Its design was very much liked by the audience.