This artist is celebrating his birthday on 10 February 2023, took a big decision in 2005…

This artist is celebrating his birthday on 10 February 2023- Hello friends, Iqbal Khan has become a well-known face in the TV industry today. Iqbal Khan is one of those faces who first tried his hand in the film world.

Very few people know this thing that Iqbal Khan first wanted to make his career in the Bollywood industry. Today i.e. on February 10, Iqbal Khan is celebrating his birthday.

Yes friends, today Iqbal Khan has turned 41 years old. After completing his studies, the actor came to Mumbai to become an actor.

The actor made his debut in 2002 with Kuch Dil Ne Kaha. After this, in 2003, actor Funtoosh appeared in the film.

After this, in 2005, the actor came in Bullet Ek Dhamaka where he played the role of an agent Arjun. After achieving any major success in Bollywood till 2005, he changed his steps.

Very soon after coming out of the film industry, he made his foray into the TV industry. After this Iqbal Khan never looked back in life. This artist, who has achieved continuous success, is celebrating his birthday today.