This is how Nita Ambani met Mukesh Ambani, Mukesh Ambani fell in love with Nita at first sight

This is how Nita Ambani met Mukesh Ambani , Due to the engagement of Mukesh Ambani’s younger son, he is in a lot of discussion these days. Recently, the engagement of Mukesh Ambani’s younger son Radhika Merchant was celebrated with much fanfare.

In this engagement, it was the beauty of Nita Ambani that grabbed more headlines than Bollywood stars. From our experience Nita Ambani’s beauty makes everyone’s heart skip a beat for her. Mukesh Ambani himself was attracted to the beauty of Nita Ambani.

It is very interesting how Nita Ambani came into the life of Mukesh Ambani, after which they both became each other’s life partner forever.

Mukesh Ambani met Nita Ambani at her wedding

Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani met for the first time at a wedding. His parents set a positive example. In a wedding attended by Mukesh Ambani with his father Dhirubhai Ambani, Nita Ambani did such a dance,

Who won the heart of Mukesh Ambani at first sight. Apart from being infatuated with Vibyita Ambani, Dhirubhai Ambani wanted to marry her.

Nita Ambani and Mukesh Ambani enjoying each other’s company, which everyone said was a film story waiting to happen.

Dhirubhai Ambani called Neeta after going home

On talking about Nita Ambani, Dhirubhai Ambani understood what was going on in his son’s heart, which is why Mukesh Ambani fell in love with her. As soon as he came to know about this, he told them about himself.

The conversation between Nita Ambani and Mukesh Ambani started slowly when Nita Ambani initially did not trust these people and disconnected the call. When Nita Ambani first proposed to him at the traffic signal, Ambani asked him to drive the car and he did not respond.

According to anyone who has seen or heard this beautiful love story, they both seem to be made for each other.