This teacher made a big disclosure in front of Kapil Sharma, the student did not know…

The teacher made an extensive disclosure in front of Kapil Sharma- Every day a new celebrity keeps coming on Kapil Sharma’s show. In the recent on-air episode, not a Bollywood star but a YouTube star appeared. Famous YouTube teacher Khan Sir, Motivational Guru Vivek Bindra and Gaur Gopal Das reached Kapil Sharma’s stage.

Kapil Sharma talked with him about comedy as well as struggles in life. During the show, Khan sir told such a thing about which even his students do not know. The popular YouTuber is known across the globe as Khan Sir.

Khan Sir revealed that the comedy reality show is the inspiration behind his unique way of teaching. Khan Sir shared, whenever these poor students get tired of studying, they watch The Kapil Sharma Show.

Khan sir said that while teaching the children, I keep doing a little comedy in between and this keeps the attention of the children engaged in studies. I want to tell that this time no celebrity is going to come to Kapil Sharma’s show. Rather well-known motivators of YouTube are about to come.

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